EncoderCloud is the web-based video transcoding service that scales with your business and your budget. EncoderCloud can accommodate all your transcoding needs, no matter how large or small. There is no software to install or configure to use EncoderCloud. Using our simple REST API you can be encoding video the same day you sign up.

  • Encode on demand

    EncoderCloud runs around-the-clock in our managed cloud of Amazon EC2 and RackSpaceCloud servers. We process your jobs in parallel so we can transcode a hundred jobs in the time it takes to do one job on a single system. Our automatic scaling architecture will create as many servers as necessary to process submitted files.
  • Multiple formats and codecs

    Digital media has moved beyond the PC. Users want to watch online content on everything from iPods to mobile phones and HD televisions. No single video format fits all these devices. EncoderCloud can convert videos to Flash, 3GP mobile, iPhone/iPod, HD, Windows Media and other formats. It can also read practically any video input format you throw at it.
  • Pay as you go

    With EncoderCloud, there are no capital expenditures, monthly fees, software licenses or long-term contracts. You pay only for what you use, at the low rate of $1.50/GB data in, $1.50/GB out. We track the cost of video processing down to the 1000th of a cent.
  • Flexible API

    Use our powerful and well documented REST API to integrate EncoderCloud transparently in any desktop or web application. Our flexible API also allows you to convert videos to multiple formats in a single request, saving your bandwidth and transcoding costs.
  • Encoding profiles

    EncoderCloud allows you to create multiple encoding profiles which makes it easy to process videos using API. For each profile you can specify codecs, width, height, bitrate, video dimensions, aspect ratio, thumbnail settings and many other advanced parameters.
  • External storage

    Automate your workflow and get your encoded videos to a CDN, FTP, HTTP server, Amazon S3 or RackSpaceCloud Files. EncoderCloud will send the encoded videos and thumbnails to your server specified by your requested settings.