The smart way to transcode videos to streaming format

EncoderCloud is designed to encode any video files into web and mobile compatible formats on demand directly from your website or application without any additional software or hardware.


How does it work?

Your users

Upload videos to
your website

.avi, .wmv, .mov,
.mp4, .flv, etc

Your app

Sends videos to

Use our API to interact
with EncoderCloud


Encodes videos
on our servers

We handle queueing,
CPU usage, scaling

Encoded videos

Stored where
you choose

Amazon S3, Rackcloud, your own server, etc

Why use it?

  • Powerful encoding engine

    EncoderCloud uses the powerful and flexible FFMpeg transcoding engine. We also offer you a full range of encoding options for you to be able to achieve necessary results.

  • Scalable solution

    We process your jobs in parallel so we can transcode a hundred jobs in the time it takes to do one job on a single system. Don't worry about resources either if your websites grows rapidly.

  • Save time and money

    No need to purchase expensive hardware or waste your time on complex dedicated server setup. Your website's performance does not suffer due to high processor usage during video encoding process.

  • Simple integration

    EncoderCloud can be integrated and used with any website or application that deals with user uploaded video content.